Redesigning "Health Coaching" Website to Enhance User's Experience


The Client “Cheryl Robinson”, a licensed clinical dietitian and health coach, approached us with a problem that her website was not meeting her needs and not reflective of her brand. We created a website design that Exactly reflected her brand and business, incorporated a content strategy to help potential clients find what they were looking for easily, and set up an email automation system. The new TurnWheel website provides a clear and structured approach to health coaching, starting with the eight domains of the wellness wheel. It is easy to update, attracts clients whose values align with hers, and ensures prompt communication.


Cheryl’s website had been a priority for her business, but until we started working together, she had been opting for low-cost, temporary fixes and using templates that never quite felt like her brand. The structure of her website was wrong, and there was no proper content and design strategy. As a result, Cheryl was not getting any clients from her website, and managing the referral of professionals who wanted to work with her was becoming difficult. The website was overwhelming for visitors, and Cheryl could not update it easily.


Cheryl had been running her business for 7 years but never really taken an opportunity to create a website that was 100% her. She was ready for a website that accurately reflected the brand and business she had worked hard to build over many years. She wanted a website that was easy to update, so that adding new content would no longer feel overwhelming. The client wanted the website to attract more clients whose values aligned with hers, and she needed to set up email automation to send automatic emails when someone registered and bought a service.


We worked with Cheryl to redesign the “Turn Wheel” website, starting with the development of a content and design strategy that aligned with her business goals. We restructured the website to make it more user-friendly, organized, and reflective of the Turn Wheel brand. We used a clean, modern design that was easy to navigate, and we made it simple for Cheryl to update the website herself.

To attract more clients, we highlighted the unique value proposition of Turn Wheel, emphasizing the use of evidenced-based techniques to guide clients towards reaching their health goals. To address Cheryl’s email automation needs, we integrated an email marketing system into the website. Now, when someone registers on the website and buys a service, they automatically receive emails, making the process more efficient and professional



The team worked closely with the client throughout the development process, gathering feedback and making changes as needed to ensure that the website met the needs of the targetted audience of our client regardless of any errors and bugs.



  • 2 WordPress
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 QA
  • 1 SEO


  • Agile
  • 3 weeks Sprint
  • Daily Standups


  • CMS
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Custom CSS


The new “Turn Wheel (Health Coaching)” website accurately reflects Cheryl’s brand and business, making her feel proud of the business she’s built over several years. It’s easier for Cheryl to invite people to learn about how she can help them, and she is now getting more clients whose values align with hers. Since launching the redesigned website, Turn Wheel has seen a significant increase in website traffic, resulting in a larger client base. Cheryl can now focus on supporting her clients without the distraction of figuring out how to add new information to her website.

Review From Client

Cheryl Robinson

TurnWheel, LLC Health Coaching and Nutrition Counseling

“Abdullah from Crecode was professional from beginning to end with gaining understanding of website design and requirements. He went above and beyond with making sure the final product was not just meeting but exceeding expectations. He is knowledgeable of many industries and the competitive environment with respect to website functionality. I highly recommend Abdullah and Crecode if you need to create a competitive website that will drive you more business.”