"Leza Tech: Delivering Quality Digital Marketing Services through a Modern Website Design"


Leza Tech is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing a range of services to help businesses build and grow their online presence. They ara a team of specialists who are dedicated to delivering quality results that exceed the potential of a business. Leza Tech has a proven track record in key areas of digital marketing, including eCommerce development, logo design, SEO, digital marketing, networking management, and software development.


Leza Tech approached us with a challenge to design and develop a website that would showcase their services and expertise in the digital marketing industry. The website needed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and effectively communicate the company’s values, mission, and unique selling proposition. Additionally, the website needed to be responsive, accessible on various devices, and easily navigable to ensure a seamless user experience.


After conducting a comprehensive analysis of Leza Tech’s business goals and target audience, we designed and developed a modern, responsive website that effectively showcases their services and expertise. The website features a sleek, modern design with easy-to-use navigation, highlighting the company’s offerings in eCommerce development, logo design, SEO, digital marketing, networking management, and software development.

To enhance the website’s visual appeal, we used high-quality images and graphics that are relevant to the digital marketing industry. We also added call-to-actions (CTAs) throughout the website to encourage users to engage with the company and its services.

We integrated the website with social media platforms to improve engagement and communication with clients. We also included a blog section on the website to provide users with informative content related to digital marketing and industry trends. The website was optimized for search engine visibility, ensuring that it ranks high on search engine results pages (SERPs).



The team worked closely with the client and its team throughout the development process, gathering feedback and making changes as needed to ensure that the website met the needs of the targetted audience of our client regardless of any errors and bugs.



  • 1 Shopify
  • 1 QA
  • 1 SEO


  • Agile
  • 2 weeks Sprint
  • Daily Standups


  • Shopify
  • jQuery
  • Liquid


The new Leza Tech website was launched successfully, and the results were impressive. The website has received positive feedback from clients and visitors, who appreciate the user-friendly interface, informative content, and high-quality images. The website has also experienced an increase in traffic and engagement, with visitors spending more time on the site and exploring the different service offerings.

The website’s search engine optimization has helped it rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to an increase in organic traffic and leads. The social media integration has helped improve communication and engagement with clients, resulting in increased client retention and positive reviews.

Cheryl Robinson

TurnWheel, LLC Health Coaching and Nutrition Counseling

“Abdullah from Crecode was professional from beginning to end with gaining understanding of website design and requirements. He went above and beyond with making sure the final product was not just meeting but exceeding expectations. He is knowledgeable of many industries and the competitive environment with respect to website functionality. I highly recommend Abdullah and Crecode if you need to create a competitive website that will drive you more business.”